The final conference, titled:

Intergenerational Bargaining:

towards integrated bargaining for younger and older workers in EU-countries

was at the 9th of december 2014 in The International Auditorium of the International Trade Union House in Brussels. The conference has promoted transnational learning among the social partners in the EU Member States.

Click for here for the conference program.

You can download the following powerpoint presentations of the conference:

Frank Tros & Maarten Keune, University of Amsterdam, AIAS; Key issues, approaches and main project results in comparative perspectives (slides)

Petra Schott, European Commission: ‘The EU legal framework on antidiscrimination and the work of the European Commission to prevent age discrimination' (slides)

Mia Ronnmar, Lund University, 'EU Age Discrimination Law and EU Policies: Opportunities and Barriers for Regulation Targeted at Younger and Older Workers' (slides)

Roberto Pedersini & Lisa Rustico, Universita degli Studi di Milano: ‘Intergenerational bargaining in Italy between policies and practice’ (slides)

Paolo Cuneo, Federchimica: ‘Bargaining on – and connecting between – the youngest and oldest workers in the chemical sector’ (slides)

Michele Tallard & Jean Louis Renoux, Université Dauphine Paris: ‘Intergenerational bargaining in France’ (slides)

Domique Meda, Université Dauphine Paris: ‘Reflections on bargaining around age management’ (slides)

Antonio Brettschneider, Universität Duisburg-Essen: 'Demography agreements and life-course regulations: an innovative and
integral pathway in intergenerational bargaining? Current developments in Germany' (slides)

Michael Winkler, Industriegewerkschaft Bergbau, Chemie, Energie: ‘Weiterentwicklung des Demografie-Tarifvertrages’ (slides)

Vikoria Kalass, Lars Hunninghausen, Agv MoVe: ‘Facing demographical change at Deutsche Bahn: Collective bargaining agreement designed to address demographic change' (slides)